Scandal Highlights the Great Value of Athletics

I was shocked by how much money people were willing to pay to get their kids into some of these universities. $250,000 here, $500,000 there. Most people I speak to about the college admissions scandal are disgusted with how these people tried to use their money and power to manipulate the system.

But then it hit me. These are the extraordinary amounts of cash and elaborate schemes just to get what high-level athletes have. The consultants and their parents (allegedly) bribed college coaches and paid people to create fake athlete profiles for their children to gain a backdoor entry into schools.

People are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get what great athletes have. Let that sink in for a little bit… Parents are willing to throw six-figures to get what you have. Maybe people won’t look at you like you’re crazy when you tell them about the time, dedication and money that you spend playing, competing, training, working, day-in and day-out.

Scholarships are the dream, but look at how valuable admission to good universities can be. Earning a roster spot can grant you an extraordinary opportunity for an education at a school with a good name. There’s a chance to learn, get trained for a career, make great friends and join a family of alumni who can help you with your future career. And for schools with strong alumni networks, that does happen.

These parents seemed to have plenty of money and they may have wanted nothing more than bragging rights and parties of the rich and famous. These kids would probably get by living off mommy and daddy’s money. But don’t take for granted the power and value of a student-athlete with the chance to EARN their spot at a university.


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